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Hiring a doula is an investment in your health. Continuous skilled support during labor results in shorter labors, more likely to give birth without the use of interventions. 

A doctor or midwife most likely cannot provide continuous support. They are responsible for keeping you and your baby safe, and while they are essential, they will be with you intermittently though labor. Staff may be tending to multiple patients laboring at one time. A doula will be present with you through the entire labor if you desire.


Your birth partner can provide continuous support: there is no question this person provides crucial, irreplaceable support. A doula offers additional emotional support, reassurance, comfort and experience (e.g. facilitating communication with a doctor or midwife, help families get the information they need to make informed decisions and nurture the birthing parent.) A doula complements the role of the birth partner, providing physical support such as bringing drinks, time to rest or step out of the room. Birth doulas offer an objective perspective; they understand the physiology of birth and the emotional and physical needs of someone in labor.

"The first child - the birthing parent hires the doula. The second child - the partner hires the doula, because they realize the major impact it had on both of them for support and guidance."



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